Gas Money Pictures is a Los Angeles-based, Independent Production Studio founded in 2016 by film and television veterans J. Horton & James L. Bills. GMP has a full house of Animation teams as well as in-house Writers, Producers and Directors who produce original content for television, streaming services and theatrical releases as well as new/emerging technologies. All projects are created in the highest quality 4K for multi-platform delivery and greater viewing pleasure.



Gas Money Pictures is a North Hollywood Animation, Production and Post studio which produces Ultra-High Definition animated content for broadcast and streaming platforms.  Founded by James L. Bills - Member, Producers Guild of America, J. Horton and Paul C. Norman, Gas Money Pictures has in-house teams of animators, writers and directors, all dedicated to producing quality animated entertainment including "Hollywould", "Mr. Wiggles Saves the World" and "Dinosaur Attack! on Kung Fu Island", with still more in development. The creative teams at Gas Money Pictures are committed to creating a variety of fun, colorful and entertaining shows which span all demographics.

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